Our Mission

How much does music mean to you? For those of us who prefer listening to vinyl, the answer is obvious. Today’s streaming services and digital libraries offer incredible convenience and variety. But they simply can’t compete with the tactile experience of selecting a record from our shelves, removing it from its sleeve, placing it atop our turntable and dropping the needle. Analog connects us to the craft of the recording process and brings us closer to the music we love.

Because records require more effort and more expense, it is important to consider if we are making the most of our vinyl endeavors. I founded LP Guru to ensure that my clients had access to better sound, and ultimately a more fulfilling listening experience.

Over my 10 years working for Better Records—a high end audiophile marketplace— I learned just how crucial “the pressing” of a record was: how different copies of the same record could produce such distinct sound qualities. More than just domestic versus import and original versus reissue; With the right pressing, our most cherished albums—even the ones we’ve listened to dozens, if not hundreds of times—open up into entirely new sonic frontiers. This goes right to the heart of why we choose vinyl.

With the launch of the LP Guru website, I am making available my expertise and services to a wide audience so that music lovers and audiophiles can find exceptional pressings of their favorite albums; those that will perform at distinctively higher levels than those simply picked out of a bin.

I carefully select records based on my years of experience in this field before giving each a professional cleaning and a critical listen. I love this line of work but let me be clear: it's dramatically more pleasurable to sit and take in a great record than it is to fuss over the differences between a stack of copies. I have carefully selected the records on this website to remove any barriers between the listener and pure enjoyment of the music, and I know that in the right home they will be appreciated for many years to come.