(eagles) | Eagles [Desperado] US Monarch Original
(eagles) | Eagles [Desperado] US Monarch Original
(eagles) | Eagles [Desperado] US Monarch Original
(eagles) | Eagles [Desperado] US Monarch Original

US Monarch Original

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This is a domestic original Asylum Records pressing on the white label (standard, not promo) cut at Monarch. I have gone to the wall and back looking for amazing sounding copies of Desperado that play quietly and it is quite the task. Most of them are noisy and very few of them have the kind of elite sound that this copy does. I actually really enjoy this album and can get way into it on a top pressing like this. The sound here is super rich and full-bodied, very clean and clear, lively, smooth, and balanced. I've played a ton of these and this one would be a big improvement over most.

The vinyl plays relatively quietly, a big step up over most copies. There are a few ticks and some surface noise at the intro to side one but things quiet down quickly. You'll have a hard time finding another one that sounds this good and plays this well. 

Vinyl: VG+ (light marks but plays well)
Cover: VG+ (nice)
Play notes: Top sound, relatively quiet with some noise and a few ticks at the start. Not bad for this album at all!