(genesis) | Genesis [Selling England By The Pound] UK Original
(genesis) | Genesis [Selling England By The Pound] UK Original
(genesis) | Genesis [Selling England By The Pound] UK Original
(genesis) | Genesis [Selling England By The Pound] UK Original

Selling England By The Pound
UK Original

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This is a British Charisma original pressing with the pink large Mad Hatter labels and PORKY-RAY / PECKO written in the dead wax. That's the signature for well-known mastering engineer George Peckham, and I almost always enjoy his work. It is TOUGH to find great Genesis pressings. I've done extensive shootouts for most of the albums and more often than not it's a chore. And even the best pressings I can find often leave a lot to be desired. I was absolutely thrilled when I brought this one home and it delivered in a way that I just don't expect. So many pressings are murky and opaque sounding, this one is dramatically more transparent and clear. I go through so many copies hoping to find ones that do what this one did. It's also one of the quietest original copies I've heard -- I've struggled with surface noise on more Genesis records than I care to remember. You will have an exceptionally hard time finding a copy that does as many things correctly as this one.

5 stars Allmusic: " It plays as a collection of short stories, fables, and fairy tales, and it is also a rock record, which naturally makes it quite extraordinary as a collection, but also as a set of individual songs... their arguable high-water mark

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