(mitchell, joni) | Joni Mitchell [Blue] US Original
(mitchell, joni) | Joni Mitchell [Blue] US Original
(mitchell, joni) | Joni Mitchell [Blue] US Original
(mitchell, joni) | Joni Mitchell [Blue] US Original

Joni Mitchell
US Original

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This is a domestic Reprise original pressing with excellent sound and very quiet vinyl. It's nearly impossible to find copies that play this well. I've been out grabbing just about every clean copy I've found for the last 13+ years (there are some stampers / pressings I avoid, of course) and I can tell you that you almost always have to live with some degree of surface noise to enjoy an original pressing of Blue. This is one of the quieter originals I've ever played. On top of that, it sounds amazing -- natural and balanced with wonderful immediacy. And with music as delicate as this, quiet surfaces are crucial to my enjoyment factor. I'm imagining whoever takes this home will be just as thrilled as I was.

The first time I heard Blue, I practically physically rejected it like an organ transplant gone wrong. I was in the early stages of my career in the audiophile record world at that point, and I suppose that I let the heaps of praise lavished on it by so many people turn me against the album before I even gave it a fair shake. Of course, I was being a dummy; being a contrarian is fine until you’re just turning against things for the sake of it. These days I’m an unabashed Joni fan, and even if Blue isn’t my personal favorite of hers I thoroughly enjoy it and appreciate it for the masterpiece it obviously is.

Vinyl: EX (a very minor edge warp had no effect on play)
Cover: VG+ (light wear)
Play notes: An amazing copy -- super quiet with excellent sound