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Lou Reed
US Promo Original

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This is a beautiful domestic RCA original pressing with NOT FOR SALE text stamped into the upper right corner of the still shrink-wrapped cover. I've written on this site before that I prefer the best UK originals for sound, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well this copy performed. It's not going to knock out my personal ref that is the result of many hours of comparison, but for most people this will be the last copy you'd ever need to buy. Even with too many of these on my shelves already, I'm tempted to keep this one just for how gorgeous the cover is -- I can't imagine finding a much nicer one. 

Vinyl: VG+ (strong, just a very mild warp that does not affect play)
Cover: VG+ (Promo stamped, still in original shrink. Really nice!)
Play notes: A surprisingly good sounding US copy with a super nice cover