(davis, miles) | Miles Davis [Miles In The Sky] US Promo Original

Miles Davis
Miles In The Sky
US Promo Original

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This is a strong domestic original Columbia Records promo press with PHENOMENAL SOUND. I have quite a few copies on hand here and none of them could fully step to this one. The sound of the trumpet on this pressing is natural, lifelike, and present in a way that just set it apart. The bass is superb too, very well-defined with substantial weight. There's real separation and space between instruments and the top-notch transparency lets you hear right into it all.

Both sides have light noise and scattered ticks at the start. Nothing major at all but enough to mention. Since the vinyl plays so quietly the rest of the time I would still consider this a quiet copy overall. But if a handful of light clicks in the first minute would ruin your good time, you are advised to pass on this one.

Vinyl: VG+ (clean, very minor wear)
Cover: VG+ (strong, DJ timing strip)
Play notes: Sounds amazing, plays mostly quietly with a bit of background noise at the start of each side