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Cruel Sister
UK Original

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This is an absolutely INCREDIBLE sounding Transatlantic Records first pressing (1U/1U stampers) that plays super quietly. The sound here is off the charts -- ridiculous clarity and transparency that make this one almost feel like listening to live music. With music as delicate and intricate as this, quiet surfaces are a big help, this one is mostly quiet with a touch of background noise at times. I was never a fan of British folk until relatively recently in my life but now I understand the appeal completely, and Pentangle is a band I truly enjoy. Jack Orion takes up all of side two and is an absolute BEAST of a song, hearing it on a copy like this is nothing less than a thrill. This copy is guaranteed to murder any domestic pressing, and I doubt it would be easy to find a Brit pressing that performed at a higher level.

Vinyl: EX (ultra clean)
Cover: VG (stain at bottom)
Play notes: A monster of a copy. Superb and mostly quiet! (Light background noise, some at the end of side two)