(santana) | Santana [Abraxas] US Original w/ Poster
(santana) | Santana [Abraxas] US Original w/ Poster
(santana) | Santana [Abraxas] US Original w/ Poster
(santana) | Santana [Abraxas] US Original w/ Poster

US Original w/ Poster

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This is a super clean domestic original pressing of Abraxas still in shrink wrap with a hype sticker, complete with the poster. It's a strong sounding copy, especially on side one (Black Magic Woman! Gypsy Queen! One Como Va!) which is exceptionally good.

If the idea that two sides of the same record can have differing sound quality seems crazy to you I understand, but it happens all the time. Check the dead wax - the matrix numbers are etched on one side but stamped on the other, which tells me they were cut at different times. This kind of thing is old news to many of you, but it's always good to think about just how many variables there are in the making of a record and then consider what effect that has on sound quality from copy to copy. Of course, it's much more fun to play the records, and especially when they sound the way this copy does on side one. You can leave the nerd level of pressing details to me and just enjoy the darn music.

Vinyl: EX (super clean)
Cover: EX (in shrink with hype sticker, beautiful!)
Play notes: Strong sound, particularly on side one. Plays mostly quietly, six ticks at the very start of side on