(steely dan) | Steely Dan [Aja] US Original
(steely dan) | Steely Dan [Aja] US Original
(steely dan) | Steely Dan [Aja] US Original
(steely dan) | Steely Dan [Aja] US Original

Steely Dan
US Original

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This is a superb sounding original ABC Records pressing. It's very possible that I've played more copies of Aja than any other record, because this is a massive album in the audiophile world. So figure something around a dozen copies five to six times a year for most of the last decade and change. That's a whole lot of Aja, but it never gets old hearing a copy this amazing. And I can report with absolute certainty that this one is a knockout.

This album is a top-tier recording in the world of classic rock and WOW is it well represented here. The sound in this copy is HUGE in size and scope -- bigger and wider sounding. The highs are delicate and natural, the bottom is weighty and solid. The clarity is superb and the transparency is incredible. You know these guys tucked a lot of detail and texture into every corner of this album, and on this copy it feels like you are getting EVERYTHING. This destroyed a bunch of my other copies and I'd be surprised if you have a better sounding one on your shelf. 

Comes in the original shrink with the lyric inner sleeve, which is really the least exciting note to end on. But I think I've said plenty, and this copy will fill you in on the rest!

Vinyl: VG+ (light wear, plays great)
Cover: EX (super clean in shrink with two old price tags)
Play notes: Stunning copy -- excellent sound and quiet vinyl