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Steely Dan
Can't Buy A Thrill
US Original

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This ABC Black Label pressing is one of the nicest copies of Steely Dan's debut I've seen in years. It's in gorgeous EX condition, the gatefold cover is strong, the sound is excellent and the vinyl plays quietly. I certainly realize I'm asking well above market value for this, but not every copy out there sounds this good or plays this quietly. It takes a good amount of work and not a small number of copies to find one that delivers like this. Anyone can do the work, but it might be more efficient to have me do it for you! (I am certain that whatever you do full-time, I'd be better off hiring you for that service than doing it myself. So there's no shame in turning your record tasks over to me.)

The sound here is clean, clear, and lively with lots of texture and character to the guitars. The vinyl plays very quietly throughout. 

Vinyl: EX (gorgeous)
Cover: VG+ (strong!)
Play notes: A killer "keeper" copy that will never need upgrading. This is a beast!