(doors) | The Doors [Strange Days] US Monarch Original
(doors) | The Doors [Strange Days] US Monarch Original
(doors) | The Doors [Strange Days] US Monarch Original
(doors) | The Doors [Strange Days] US Monarch Original

The Doors
Strange Days
US Monarch Original

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This is an incredibly strong original Elektra copy pressed at Monarch. It has MON-1 in the dead wax indicating it is a first pressing, and such copies are widely considered to be the best sounding versions of this album. This copy delivers on that promise big time -- it's super rich, full-bodied, natural, balanced, and warm. The vocals sound clean and powerful, the bottom end is off the charts, and there's just no areas in which I found this copy wanting. On top of that it's unusually quiet for an original Doors record -- they are almost always noisy, and that goes for every single title in the catalog. This one is an absolute monster and I'm betting it beats whatever Strange Days is on your shelf now.

So let's talk price. I've only listed a small handful of records at or above $200. But I have to pay good money for early copies of this album when I see them, and they usually turn out to be not up to my standards. That means all the time and labor I put into cleaning and evaluating those copies goes to waste, and I end up liquidating them at a loss. It's a terrible business model in all honesty, and a ton of work. Still, I get such a joy out of finding copies like this and sending them to good homes that I'm willing to live with the extra effort this requires. Some people will never understand spending (or charging) $200 for a regular rock record -- and I get that! But in order for me to keep this work up, it is the kind of price I need to put on a stunning top copy like this. I'd rather have one amazing record like this that I can return to over and over versus ten or even twenty records that I play once and forget about -- and believe me, I have PLENTY of those.

Vinyl: VG+ (minor superficial wear, tiny edge warp that doesn't affect play)
Cover: VG+ (light wear)
Play notes: A top copy that plays quietly. This is a BEAST.