(petty, tom) | Tom Petty [Wildflowers] Sealed US Original
(petty, tom) | Tom Petty [Wildflowers] Sealed US Original

Tom Petty
Sealed US Original

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The freakin' Holy Grail for Tom Petty collectors! This is a STUNNING still sealed copy of Wildflowers, his classic 2 LP set from 1994. Minty copies are running about $400 these days so I think $600 for a gorgeous sealed one is fair. The corners are sharp, there are no tears in the shrink, and the record lays flat. You can see the shape of the records leaving a slight imprint on the sleeve, but I think that's unavoidable at this point considering the texture of the cover. Honestly, I'd love to keep this one for myself but I think that someone else out there might be even more excited about it. I just hope whoever grabs it plans to open it. Sealed records are cool and all but it's way more fun to play 'em!

Vinyl: Still Sealed
Cover: VG+ (due to the visible record imprint, still gorgeous overall)