(morrison, van) | Van Morrison [Astral Weeks] '70s US Press
(morrison, van) | Van Morrison [Astral Weeks] '70s US Press
(morrison, van) | Van Morrison [Astral Weeks] '70s US Press
(morrison, van) | Van Morrison [Astral Weeks] '70s US Press

Van Morrison
Astral Weeks
'70s US Press

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This is a domestic Warner Bros. Palm Tree Label pressing with stampers that match some of my original pressings. It's absolutely brutal to find the earliest copies on quiet vinyl so those of you who abhor surface noise but love that good vintage sound may want to think hard about snagging this one. The best Green Label pressings can take things even further but this copy does an incredible job getting the music across. I think almost anyone would be very happy with the sound here, unless of course you have an "originals fetish" and couldn't deal with owning an early reissue. That's a condition I can understand, but I'm also willing to make some sacrifices to get a great sounding record on my table, and at the end of the day I think that's what matters most.

5 stars Allmusic: "It is unlike any record before or since; it mixes together the very best of postwar popular music in an emotional outpouring cast in delicate, subtle musical structures."

Vinyl: VG+ (clean with some superficial scuffs, plays great)
Cover: VG+ (corner bends/wear but nice looking)
Play notes: Really nice sound and quieter vinyl than you get on most originals. Strong!