(morrison, van) | Van Morrison [Moondance] White Label Promo
(morrison, van) | Van Morrison [Moondance] White Label Promo
(morrison, van) | Van Morrison [Moondance] White Label Promo
(morrison, van) | Van Morrison [Moondance] White Label Promo

Van Morrison
White Label Promo

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This is a Warner Bros. White Label Promo copy of Moondance with wonderful sound. I am conservatively rating the vinyl at VG as there are light hairline marks on both sides, but it plays at a higher level and better than it looks (which really isn't too bad to begin with). It's pretty hard to find an audiophile who doesn't want a great Moondance in their collection and accordingly I almost never have copies this impressive in stock. This one sounds really wonderful -- rich and full-bodied with lots of warmth. I can count the number of these White Label copies I've seen in my life on one hand and still have fingers left over. The promo designation doesn't tell you anything about sound, but as a guy who has played dozens of versions I sure can, and this is a very strong one.

5 stars Allmusic: "The yang to Astral Weeks' yin, the brilliant Moondance is every bit as much a classic as its predecessor; Van Morrison's first commercially successful solo effort, it retains the previous album's deeply spiritual thrust but transcends its bleak, cathartic intensity to instead explore themes of renewal and redemption."

Vinyl: VG (conservative - has light marks and a few ticks but plays great overall)
Cover: VG+ (solid)
Play notes: A wonderful sounding copy that plays great overall with a few lightly ticky spots, nothing crazy. Hard to find them any quieter but you might be better off looking for a NM standard copy if you're very picky about surfaces.