(yes) | Yes [Fragile] US Monarch Original
(yes) | Yes [Fragile] US Monarch Original
(yes) | Yes [Fragile] US Monarch Original
(yes) | Yes [Fragile] US Monarch Original

US Monarch Original

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This is a domestic US original pressed at Monarch with PORKY in the dead wax. It comes in the gatefold cover and still has the booklet in great condition. I've been doing shootouts for Fragile for over a decade now and every time I'm blown away at how great this album is both musically and sonically. But not every copy completely delivers, and this one does an excellent job of pushing the music without the sound ever getting harsh or brittle. There is light background noise in some quiet parts but nothing major. I'm keeping the price of this one low despite the great sound to help you get past it, but anyone who is especially finicky about surface noise should pass.

5 star Allmusic: "Fragile was as perfect a record as the group would ever make"

Vinyl: VG+ (clean with some faint hairlines and scuffs, no major issues)
Cover: VG+ (light ringwear and wear to edges)
Play notes: Excellent sound, mostly quiet with a touch light noise behind the music at times