(yes) | Yes [Relayer] 1974 UK Press
(yes) | Yes [Relayer] 1974 UK Press
(yes) | Yes [Relayer] 1974 UK Press
(yes) | Yes [Relayer] 1974 UK Press

1974 UK Press

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This is a British Atlantic Records pressing from 1974 with excellent sound on both sides. It comes in a gatefold cover with the thick inner sleeve, the stamper numbers are A6/B4, and side two has famed mastering engineer George Peckham's "PECKO" signature in the dead wax. I've done a few shootouts from this one and while I do think the very best A1/B1 copies are the champions, this one surprised me with how close it came. The sound is very lively and full-bodied with lots of punch down low. The vinyl plays quietly, and I'd bet my hat that this think will easily knock out any domestic pressing. 

Allmusic: "[O]rganized into suites that alternated abrasive, rhythmically dense instrumental sections featuring solos for the various instruments with delicate vocal and choral sections featuring poetic lyrics devoted to spiritual imagery"

Vinyl: EX
Cover: VG+ (very nice with slight wear around edges)
Play notes: Excellent sound and quiet vinyl