100 Records And Runnin'

We launched this website on May 7th and today, just about six weeks later, we sold our 100th record. That comes from about 150 records put up on the site so far, which means to this point about two out of every three that we've listed have found new homes. I bring this up not to flex (well OK, maybe a little) but to reflect on the journey so far.

Even though I've been working in specialty vinyl since 2006 and doing direct-to-client work as LP Guru for the last few years, starting this website was a big challenge and a bit of an experiment. I was hopeful I could find a sweet spot where I could offer high quality pressings at somewhat reasonable prices, and unsure if there would even be a market for such a thing. With the sale of our 100th record today, it's clear to me that there are plenty of people out there who want the most from their vinyl and are willing to spend a little extra to get there. I'm so grateful for those of you who have decided to trust me with the task of providing exceptional pressings, and I will continue to work hard to make sure that your LP Guru purchases always deliver big time.

To those of you who are new to the concepts presented on the site, I'm happy that you're here. Even if you haven't picked up one of our offerings, I hope you are learning about the wild world of pressings and maybe even finding ways to upgrade your own listening experiences. I'm always here for your questions and to help you make sense of it all. Drop me a line any time.

And to those of you who I've worked with previously, I hope that you'll give our records a chance and let me show you that a higher price tag doesn't necessarily make for a better record. I run a lean operation here (probably too lean in all honesty) to make sure that I can deliver exceptional sounding pressings at reasonable prices. I do it because I think this kind of service is important, and largely missing from the audio marketplace. I'm happy to find you any kind of records you'd like (and you can feel free to reach out to me directly to discuss) but I do think you'll be very impressed with the sound of the copies listed here. Give one a try. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

You don't have to be an audiophile to enjoy a great sounding record, and you don't need an insane hi-fi system to hear the difference in what we offer. We've gotten nothing but wonderful feedback on these first hundred records, and that includes everyone from hardcore audiophiles to people who just want strong copies of great albums. So while the prices here may strike you as too high or too low, I'm certain that you'll find the quality of our vinyl to be just right.

I greatly appreciate everyone who has tried our records, spread the word to a friend, or even just browsed the site and wondered what the heck is going on. We're obviously running a very different kind of operation here, and I'm excited for the opportunity to help elevate your listening.