LP Guru 101

  • Recent Press

    I recently took the time to speak about various things vinyl with audiophile blog The Broken Record, as well as a quick discussion of our business ...
  • Are These Records Just For Audiophiles?

    You don’t have to be an audiophile to recognize bad sound, nor must you be one for it to affect your enjoyment. I’m no expert on coffee, but I know when I’ve had a bad cup.
  • 100 Records And Runnin'

    Some reflections on our first few weeks in business on the occasion of our 100th record sold.
  • Pricing, Pressings, and Precious Time

    Shall we address an elephant you may see in the room?
  • "What's The Right Pressing For This Album?"

    It's a question I've been getting regularly for the last dozen years or so. Here are some thoughts on why I am loath to answer it...