Pricing, Pressings, and Precious Time

Shall we address an elephant you may see in the room? The prices on the records here are often above what might be considered market value. I do not dispute this or run from questions about it. So let's talk!

There are a ton of different reasons to collect vinyl. My trip is quality. If you are looking strictly for the lowest prices, my site will almost never be the place you find them. It's just not the line of business I am in. (My life would probably be easier if it was!)

What I do offer is a high level of quality via carefully selected pressings. I learned many years ago that the sound of an album can vary substantially between copies. I’ve spent well over a decade honing my skills at finding the ones that deliver an upgraded listening experience. And isn't that what many of us are after with vinyl in the first place?

To me, the ability to maximize your limited listening hours with killer copies has real value. Between running a business, raising a child, and all the other craziness of life, there aren't a lot of opportunities to wind down and take in some music outside of my workload. That means when I actually have the chance to sit and play a record, I want maximum enjoyment. I don’t want to spend my precious free time frustrated with copies that don’t deliver, fretting over the money I spent on them. I've wasted many hours doing that and I can assure you it is no fun.

The pressings here are chosen because I've played them and know that they sound great. These records have the kind of sound I hope to hear when I place something on my turntable. This is the work I've done for a living since 2006 and I'm confident in my ability to select quality vinyl. I am grateful for the trust of my clients, and I go to great lengths to make sure that they are well taken care of.

As for my prices, they reflect how much effort and expense goes into tracking down and making available these wonderful records. I’m not just grabbing copies from a dig and throwing them up at a giant markup, or scooping new arrivals out of local bins and simply trying to flip them. I’m finding, cleaning, and comparing pressings to make sure that what I offer is exceptional. It’s hard work but I love doing it, and knowing my efforts are appreciated may be the best part.